The National Team of Ukraine took part in the Europe Triathlon Cup Quarteira

On March 23-24, the European Triathlon Cup started in Portugal. On Saturday, there was a start among the elite, where Oleksii Astafiev Kulish and Sergey Kostenko took the first start of the season. And on Sunday, juniors competed.

The Europe Triathlon Junior Cup is included in the European Junior Ranking and the European Nations Cup. Ukraine was represented by Fedir Bezlepkin, Illia Honcharuk and Arsen Adamov, who made his debut on the international stage. Among the women, Eva and Dana Soroka, as well as Sofiia Bondarenko, performed.

Ukrainians take the podium in Australia and Mexico

Alisa Kolpakchy bronze medalist in the women’s PTS5 category, to open the 2024 World Triathlon Para Series on the picturesque coastline of Devonport, Tasmania. Vita Oleksiuk and her guide Nataliia Matsupko in the women’s PTVI category finished fifth place. Ukrainian women to earn valuable points and rank, in a crucial qualification window for Paris 2024.

Vitalii Vorontsov to earn bronze at the Americas Triathlon Cup La Paz. The Ukrainian climbed into the top 100 in the World Triathlon Rankings.
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Ukrainian Para Triathletes join Japanese National team training camp

The Ukrainian Para triathlon team has participated in a joint training camp with the Japanese national team in Okinawa, Japan, from February 25 to March 5. With training difficulties in Ukraine due to current circumstances, the athletes sought a conducive environment in Japan to prepare for upcoming competitions.

Alisa Kolpakchy, a Ukrainian Para triathlete, expressed her gratitude for the warm reception, emphasizing the rarity of such experiences amidst the challenges back home.

Finding stable training conditions in Ukraine has been challenging amid the turmoil. Kolpakchy highlighted the mental and physical hurdles faced, noting the difficulty in finding peace after training and the emotional strain of being away from home during uncertain times.

This collaborative training camp was facilitated by ‘Sport For Tomorrow,’ a program backed by the Japanese government, aiming to promote international cooperation and development through sports. The addition of the Ukrainian team, comprising athletes Alisa Kolpakchy and Vita Oleksiuk, guide Nataliia Matsupko, and coach Roman Korol, had a positive impact on the Japanese team as well.

Japanese Paralympians Hideki Uda and Satoru Yoneoka expressed admiration for the Ukrainian team’s dedication and resilience, acknowledging the inspiration they derived from training alongside them.

During their stay, the Ukrainian athletes engaged with the local community, visiting Motobu Elementary School alongside Japanese Para triathletes. The interaction allowed students to gain insights into para triathlon and appreciate the challenges faced by athletes from diverse backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

The visit left a profound impact on both the students and the athletes, with expressions of gratitude and warmth exchanged despite language barriers.

Looking ahead to upcoming races in Abu Dhabi and Devonport, the Ukrainian Para triathletes remain focused on securing their spots for the Paralympic Games Paris 2024, determined to excel and inspire others through their dedication and resilience.

Wold Triathlon

A Triathlon President’s Conference and Annual Gala in Prague

The annual Triathlon Conference of Presidents took place in Prague on February 17-18, marking its fortieth edition. Organized by the Czech Triathlon Association, the event was held at the prestigious Diplomat Hotel and gathered the entire management of the Europe Triathlon organization.

A notable participant in the conference was Marisol Casado, the president of the World Triathlon Organization and a member of the senior management of the International Olympic Committee. Representing Ukraine was Bogdan Mykhalus, the president of the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation.

The conference weekend kicked off with the convening of the Europe Triathlon Board, setting the stage for strategic endeavors and cooperative efforts pertaining to the year 2024. The main day of the conference featured a concise yet enriching program, covering various topics such as financial matters, developmental strategies, initiatives in paratriathlon, marketing endeavors, and governance protocols. Attendees also had the privilege of witnessing illuminating presentations from the Local Organizing Committees overseeing the premier championships of the current year, building excitement for the upcoming season and beyond.

Vitalii Vorontsov is ninth in La Guaira!

On February 17, the Americas Triathlon Cup La Guaira was held in Venezuela at the standard distance. Ukraine was represented by Vitalii Vorontsov, who took ninth place.

Vitalii scores 150 points in the World Triathlon Rankings and moves up one step. This is the first start this season and the next one is the Americas Triathlon Cup La Habana.

Ukrainian Winter Triathlon Aquathlon Championships Lviv

On January 27-29, Ukrainian triathletes visited Lviv again to determine the best among juniors and younths. Yurii Tiuitiunnyk and Yeva Soroka became winners among juniors. Mikitenko Vladislav and Sofiia Bondarenko claimed the silver medal. Bronze was for Nesvat Maxim and Belousova Kristina. Dana Soroka and Goncharuk Illya became winners among U17. Shmanova Adele and Kirilovich Igor best triathletes among U15.

The Ukrainian Triathlon Federation is actively developing kids triathlon. Since 2013, the country has hosted a Kids League, in which children aged from nine to 13 years old take part. The first stage of the Kids League took place in Lviv, which brought together 83 participants.

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Ukrainian Winter Aquathlon National Championships Lviv

On December 15, more than two hundred competitors arrived in Lviv. All age-groups from all regions of Ukraine were represented, including Donetsk.

Sergey Kostenko (Zaporizhzhia) and Sofiia Bondarenko (Poltava) became the winners of the national championship. Oleksiy Astafyev and Daria Berezhna claimed the silver medal. Bronze was for Dmytro Malyar and Mariia Aha.

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UTF opposes the participation of representatives from aggressor countries in the 2024 Olympic Games

Dear Thomas Bach,

The Triathlon Federation of Ukraine vehemently opposes the inclusion of representatives from aggressor countries in the 2024 Olympic Games. Individuals holding Russian or Belarusian passports should be barred from any international competitions, regardless of their status under a national or neutral flag.

We count on a responsible decision and leadership from the IOC!

Kind Regards,

Bogdan Mykhalus,

President of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine