Ukrainian Triathlon Championship: Sprint Distance and Mixed Relay




The Sunny Valley in the Chernivtsi region once again hosted a thrilling triathlon event. This time, the village of Boyany determined the Ukrainian champions in the sprint distance and mixed relay.

Kyiv’s Daryna Moskalenko secured a decisive victory among the women. Kseniia Levkovska finished second, and Sofiya Pryyma took third place. Competing closely with the leaders were Sofiia Bondarenko and Margaryta Menshykova.

Among the men, Vitaliy Vorontsov reigned supreme, with Ivan Shevchenko claiming second place over Oleksii Astafiev-Kulish. Challenging the leaders were Serhii Kostenko, Anton Blokhin, and Denys Mykitiuk.

In the youth category, Ivan Shevchenko and Mariia Aha emerged victorious. Daria Berezhna and Sofiia Parasotchenko, along with Ivan Tkachenko and Ostap Heviak, took the podium places.

Junior champion Maksym Usanin led the boys, with Maksym Nesvat and Yurii Tiutiunnyk also making the podium. In the absence of the group leader, Sofiia Bondarenko dominated the junior girls’ category. Maryam Sadygova and Kira Agafonova completed the podium.

Dana Soroka led the girls’ group, with Maria Ivashchenko and Veronika Mysak as the runners-up. Fedir Bezlepkin became the boys’ champion, finishing ahead of Arsen Adamov by one and a half minutes, while Hlib Yakubets took third place.

In the cadet super-sprint category, Amina Marchenko and Zakhar Tsikovsky claimed victory. Arina Gryban and Anna Korotyaeva, along with Markiyan Harmatiy and Daniil Uminsky, were among the medalists. Full results are available via the provided link.

The Ukrainian Mixed Relay Championship attracted 14 teams from seven regions and Kyiv. Champions Vitaliy Vorontsov, Darina Moskalenko, Oleksiy Aksinushkin, and Maryna Kyryk led the race. They were followed by Lviv’s team of Ostap Heviak, Dana Soroka, Bohdan Stasenko, and Sofiya Pryyma. The team from the Dnipropetrovsk region, consisting of Dmytro Malyar, Karina Yevtushenko, Denys Mykitiuk, and Mariia Aha, finished third.

In the junior category, six teams from three regions competed. The team from Poltava, represented by Dmytro Kasianenko, Maria Ivashchenko, Arsen Adamov, and Daryna Horb, won the mixed relay championship. The youth teams from the Cherkasy region claimed the remaining podium spots. Ivan Zhyvotkov, Anna Korotyaeva, Viktor Matiushkin, and Amina Marchenko took silver, while Artem Kryvoruchko, Dariya Zadera, Yehor Kornienko, and Polina Taran secured bronze. Full results are available via the provided link.