Europe Triathlon Junior Cup Izvorani: Ukraine Rises into Nations Federations rankings Top Ten!




The Europe Triathlon Junior Cup in Izvorani, Romania, has reshaped the junior rankings and the Nations Federations rankings among European countries. Ukrainian junior Yuri Tyutyunnyk finished in 18th position, earning 106 points for Ukraine in the Nations Federations rankings.

In the junior women’s category, Dana Soroka finished eighth, while Sofiia Bondarenko concluded the competition in ninth place. Both Ukrainian athletes garnered points for their individual rankings and contributed to the Nations Federations tally.

Other Ukrainian finishers included Fedir Bezlepkin, Arsen Adamov, Hlib Yakubets, Zakhar Tsivkovsky, Dmytro Kasianenko, Matvii Malysh, Danylo Dragulyan, Mariia Ivashchenko, and Kira Agafonova.

The next phase of the competition in Izvorani was the mixed relay, where Ukraine was represented by two teams. The standings are based on the first team to finish. The team of Yuri Tyutyunnyk, Dana Soroka, Fedir Bezlepkin, and Sofiia Bondarenko secured sixth position, adding another 271 points to Ukraine’s Nations Federations tally. The second team, comprising Arsen Adamov, Mariia Ivashchenko, Hlib Yakubets, and Kira Agafonova, finished out of the competition.

The Nations Federations rankings includes the combined scores of the three best male and female athletes’ individual rankings and five results from mixed relays, which include the European Junior and Youth Championships, as well as the top three results in the European Cup.

Following the Izvorani competition, Ukraine’s standings in the Nations Federations rankings reflect two results among junior men (Fedir Bezlepkin and Yuri Tyutyunnyk), three among junior women (the Soroka sisters and Sofiia Bondarenko), and the mixed relay in Izvorani. Consequently, Ukraine climbs from 13th to seventh position in the Nations Federations rankings.