Ukrainian Triathlon Super Sprint Championship




From June 1st to 3rd, Vynnyky village in the Lviv region hosted the Ukrainian Triathlon Super Sprint Championship, determining the national champions among the elite, U23, juniors, and youth 16-17. The event also included the Ukrainian Cup for youth 14-15.

In the water, Maryna Kyryk was unmatched among the women, while a leading group quickly formed among the men. Vitaliy Vorontsov and Ivan Shevchenko battled it out for the victory, with the win going to the Kyiv native. The first among the chasers was Yulian Demyanov, who left the honorable fourth place to Oleksii Astafiev-Kulish. They were followed by Denis Mykityuk, Dmytro Malyar, Serhiy Kostenko, and Serhiy Badyak, who all finished in the top eight. Closing the top ten were Fedor Bezlepkin from Dnipro and Yuriy Tyutyunnyk from Poltava.

During the women’s cycling stage, Maryna was caught by her pursuers, and the race restarted on the running stage. The running stage decided the winner, with Daryna Moskalenko from Kyiv crossing the finish line first, leaving the second place to Eva Soroka. Maryna Kyryk from Kyiv took third place. They were followed by Sofiya Pryyma and Dana Soroka from Lviv, Ksenia Levkovska, Karina Yevtushenko, Sofiia Bondarenko, Mariia Aga, and Margaryta Menshykova.

Among the youth, Ivan Shevchenko from Donetsk and Mariia Aga from Dnipro emerged victorious. The podium was completed by Ostap Heviak from Lviv and Yehor Mychko from Poltava, while Daria Berezhna and Anna Merezhko from Cherkasy took the women’s podium places.

Only three men started among the juniors. Yuriy Tyutyunnyk left the podium to Cherkasy representatives Maksym Nesvat and Maksym Usanin. Eva Soroka crossed the finish line a minute ahead of Sofiia Bondarenko from Poltava, with Kira Agafonova from Donetsk securing the bronze medal in her age group.

Lviv’s Dana Soroka was unbeatable among the girls. Gloria Kershkova from Kyiv and Veronika Mysak from Lviv shared the podium with the leader. Among the boys, Fedor Bezlepkin and Zakhar Tsivkovsky from Donetsk led the race. Fedor was unmatched in the running stage. The first chaser was another representative from the Donetsk region, Hlib Yakubets.

The Ukrainian Cup for cadets was won by Amina Marchenko (Cherkasy region) and Lviv’s Markiyan Harmatiy. The podium also included Oleksandra Boronina from Zhytomyr and Anna Korotyaeva (Cherkasy region), and among the boys, Danylo Uminskyi from Zhytomyr and Yehor Kornienko (Cherkasy region). Competitors included Rostyslav Siheyev and Andriy Kopyl, while Sofia Bahinska stood out among the cadet girls.

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