UTF opposes the participation of representatives from aggressor countries in the 2024 Olympic Games

Dear Thomas Bach,

The Triathlon Federation of Ukraine vehemently opposes the inclusion of representatives from aggressor countries in the 2024 Olympic Games. Individuals holding Russian or Belarusian passports should be barred from any international competitions, regardless of their status under a national or neutral flag.

We count on a responsible decision and leadership from the IOC!

Kind Regards,

Bogdan Mykhalus,

President of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine

The report conference of Ukrainian Triathlon Federation was held

On November 25, the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation (UTF) report conference was held online.
During the meeting, the reports of the President of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine, Bohdan Mikhalus, the audit commission, and the heads of the committees on the results of the Federation’s work in 2023 were heard.
By a majority of votes, it was decided to consider the work of the Federation in 2023 as good, and the report of the audit commission was approved.
Based on the results of the work, the following decisions were made:
• the composition of the national team of Ukraine for 2024 was approved;
• the draft calendar plan of triathlon competitions for 2024 was approved;
• it was decided to create a working group for the development and approval of changes to the Statute of the UTF, provisions on separate subdivisions of the UTF, the new version of the triathlon rules;
• revision commission, rules for triathlon of UTF;
• procedure for preventing violations of the World Anti-Doping Code;
• licensing procedure for UTF members in 2024.

Important Announcement from the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation

Dear participants and supporters of triathlon!

We would like to inform you about decisions made regarding violations of anti-doping rules by some of our athletes. According to the World Anti-Doping Code, the following decisions have been taken:

1. Yuliya Yelistratova:

  • Disqualification until June 5, 2026.
  • After the end of the disqualification, Yulia may participate in local competitions, excluding triathlons, provided that these competitions do not qualify for national or international levels.


2. Ivan Menshykov:

  • Temporary suspension pending the final decision on disqualification.
  • No right to participate in any competitions or other activities sanctioned or organized by the signatory party or its members, as well as in international or national competitions. An exception is made for special anti-doping educational or rehabilitation programs.


3. Ban for Coaches:

  • All coaches must successfully complete the Adel (in Ukraine) and AntyDoping (for participation in international events) courses by the end of 2023.
  • The absence of certificates will result in a ban on including coaches in the official delegation for international competitions.

These decisions are intended to ensure honesty and fairness in our sports community. We appeal to all athletes and coaches with understanding and recognition of the importance of adhering to anti-doping norms to preserve the integrity and great spirit of sports.

Sincerely, President of the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation

Decision of the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation from November 25, 2023

World Anti-Doping Code

The big triathlon returns to the capital!

The domestic championship in the sprint distance will take place within the Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021 from Triathlon Ukraine.

After a long break, the Ukrainian Triathlon Championship will take place again in the center of Kyiv. On May 23, 2021, the capital will host the Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021, which will host the Ukrainian Sprint Triathlon Championship under the auspices of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine.

Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021 is one of the stages of triathlon starts from Triathlon Ukraine, a joint project of the running company Run Ukraine and the triathlon team Sapik Team. In the first triathlon season of Triathlon Ukraine in 2021, 5 events are planned: aquathlon, duathlon and three triathlon starts at different distances.

“I don’t know if it’s happiness or karma, but already in the first season of triathlon starts we will hold the Championship of Ukraine in sprint. We simply do not have the right to make mistakes, – said the general manager of Run Ukraine Dmytro Chernitsky. – Our goal is to create appropriate conditions, the introduction of quality standards in the organization of starts, both for amateurs and professional athletes.

We see Ukraine as a healthy and rich nation, through sports we promote the values ​​of healthy living for everyone. We believe in the support of the community, because great goals are achieved only by dedicating everyone. Triathlon should take an honorable place among the mass starts of Ukraine and Eastern Europe. ”

For the first time in a long time, the Ukrainian Sprint Triathlon Championship will be held in the center of Kyiv again: the athletes will start on Naberezhne Highway, and the finish of the running stage will be located on Kontraktova Square.

“In recent years, the Championship of Ukraine was held outside of Kyiv, in the Kyiv region. In 2021, we actually return it to the capital, where it has not been held for the last 6 years, – said the Secretary General of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine Eduard Panarin. – Run Ukraine is an ambitious team with a lot of experience, and we have already planned a series of starts for 2021. I think we will not limit ourselves to holding only one Championship of Ukraine and the Kyiv Cup, but we will also plan international competitions. ”

Along with the participants of the Ukrainian Championship in the Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021, amateur triathletes will be able to take part, who are ready to challenge themselves and test the limits of what is possible.

To do this, you need to register at https://triathlonukraine.org/

Registration will open on December 29.


Anastasia Russu
mobile phone: +380 50 1781168
email: pr@runukraine.org

Victoria Veremienko
mobile phone: +380 67 995 27 67
email: veremiienko@runukraine.org