The report conference of Ukrainian Triathlon Federation was held





On November 25, the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation (UTF) report conference was held online.
During the meeting, the reports of the President of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine, Bohdan Mikhalus, the audit commission, and the heads of the committees on the results of the Federation’s work in 2023 were heard.
By a majority of votes, it was decided to consider the work of the Federation in 2023 as good, and the report of the audit commission was approved.
Based on the results of the work, the following decisions were made:
• the composition of the national team of Ukraine for 2024 was approved;
• the draft calendar plan of triathlon competitions for 2024 was approved;
• it was decided to create a working group for the development and approval of changes to the Statute of the UTF, provisions on separate subdivisions of the UTF, the new version of the triathlon rules;
• revision commission, rules for triathlon of UTF;
• procedure for preventing violations of the World Anti-Doping Code;
• licensing procedure for UTF members in 2024.