World Triathlon Para Series Yokohama and Para Cup Taranto




Two significant events contribute to the Paralympic ranking, with the top nine athletes securing national slots for Paris 2024.

On May 11th in Japan, in the PTVI class, Vita Oleksiuk, guided by Nataliia Matsupko, secured seventh place. As a result, Vita climbed to the 14th position in the Paralympic ranking, boosting her total points.

On June 8th, Valerii Perekhrest, Anatolii Varfolomieiev, Alisa Kolpakchy, and Vita Oleksiuk earned Olympic points in the Italian city of Taranto.

Valeriy Perekhrest made his international debut in the PTS3 class, clinching victory! He debuted in the ranking at the 19th position.

Alisa Kolpakchy dominated the running stage in the PTS5 class! Competing against French athlete Emilie Gral for the second position, Alisa caught up with her rival during the run. She secured a silver finish and moved up to the seventh position in the Paralympic ranking.

In the PTVI class, Anatoliy Varfolomyev, guided by Roman Korol, finished fifth. Among the women, Vita Oleksiuk, alongside Nataliia Matsupko, took third place! This marked the first podium finish for the Ukrainian duo in this lineup. They showcased excellent performance in swimming and cycling, finishing the race with a four-minute lead over their pursuers. Vita Oleksiuk concludes the event in Italy at the 14th position in the Paralympic ranking.