Ukrainian Para Triathletes join Japanese National team training camp





The Ukrainian Para triathlon team has participated in a joint training camp with the Japanese national team in Okinawa, Japan, from February 25 to March 5. With training difficulties in Ukraine due to current circumstances, the athletes sought a conducive environment in Japan to prepare for upcoming competitions.

Alisa Kolpakchy, a Ukrainian Para triathlete, expressed her gratitude for the warm reception, emphasizing the rarity of such experiences amidst the challenges back home.

Finding stable training conditions in Ukraine has been challenging amid the turmoil. Kolpakchy highlighted the mental and physical hurdles faced, noting the difficulty in finding peace after training and the emotional strain of being away from home during uncertain times.

This collaborative training camp was facilitated by ‘Sport For Tomorrow,’ a program backed by the Japanese government, aiming to promote international cooperation and development through sports. The addition of the Ukrainian team, comprising athletes Alisa Kolpakchy and Vita Oleksiuk, guide Nataliia Matsupko, and coach Roman Korol, had a positive impact on the Japanese team as well.

Japanese Paralympians Hideki Uda and Satoru Yoneoka expressed admiration for the Ukrainian team’s dedication and resilience, acknowledging the inspiration they derived from training alongside them.

During their stay, the Ukrainian athletes engaged with the local community, visiting Motobu Elementary School alongside Japanese Para triathletes. The interaction allowed students to gain insights into para triathlon and appreciate the challenges faced by athletes from diverse backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

The visit left a profound impact on both the students and the athletes, with expressions of gratitude and warmth exchanged despite language barriers.

Looking ahead to upcoming races in Abu Dhabi and Devonport, the Ukrainian Para triathletes remain focused on securing their spots for the Paralympic Games Paris 2024, determined to excel and inspire others through their dedication and resilience.

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