Liévin World Cup and E-Triathlon London




World Cup in Liévin: An Intense Battle in a Unique Indoor Arena 

The World Cup in Liévin, France, is held in an indoor running arena, where a temporary short-course pool is set up in the center. Participants swim and then transition directly to bicycles, covering distances on the outer running track of the arena. The running stage takes place on the inner lanes of the track, demanding agility and precision from the athletes.

To qualify for the race finals, participants must first advance through the semifinals. There were six men’s qualifying heats and four women’s heats. The top four men in each heat and the top seven women automatically progressed to the semifinals.

Among the women, Maryna Kyryk secured her spot among the top 36 by finishing strong in the qualifiers. Sofiya Pryyma finished eighth, also advancing to the semifinals. In the men’s division, Vitalii Vorontsov finished fifth in his qualifying heat and then excelled in the additional qualification round, securing his place in the semifinals.

In the semifinals, the top four men and women in each heat moved on to the World Cup final. The next four finishers competed for places 13 to 24 in the “B” final, while the remaining athletes were ranked 25 to 36 based on their semifinal times.

Vitalii Vorontsov finished the race in 32nd place among men. Sofiya Pryyma also secured the 32nd position among women, with Maryna Kyryk finishing 33rd. All Ukrainian athletes earned Olympic points: Vitalii Vorontsov added 171 points to his ranking, improving his total by 40 points and moving up to 93rd in the world ranking. Sofiya Pryyma and Maryna Kyryk continue their season at the European Cup in Melilla, Spain.

E World Triathlon Championships London Powered by Zwift

The E World Triathlon Championships London powered by Zwift is a highly dynamic and intense form of triathlon that demands maximum concentration and high intensity. The event, exemplified by previous competitions in London, consists of three stages.

Stage 1: 200m swimming in a pool, 4km vertical cycling on stationary bikes connected to Zwift, and a 1km sprint on a treadmill, also integrated with Zwift.

Stage 2: After a 3-minute rest, the same distances are covered but in reverse order – running, cycling, and swimming.

Stage 3: Following a 5-minute rest, the stage starts with a handicap based on the previous stages’ results, following the same order as Stage 1 – swimming, cycling, and running.

E-Triathlon also features ultra-fast transitions and provides an excellent opportunity to develop sprinting skills, as the competition is in a super-sprint format. Participating in such events helps athletes develop adaptability, strategic thinking, and the ability to perform under various conditions.

Vitalii Vorontsov placed 13th among the world’s top 30 athletes, missing the final by just 7 seconds. This result demonstrates his strong performance and the high level of competition at the E World Triathlon Championships.