A Triathlon President’s Conference and Annual Gala in Prague




The annual Triathlon Conference of Presidents took place in Prague on February 17-18, marking its fortieth edition. Organized by the Czech Triathlon Association, the event was held at the prestigious Diplomat Hotel and gathered the entire management of the Europe Triathlon organization.

A notable participant in the conference was Marisol Casado, the president of the World Triathlon Organization and a member of the senior management of the International Olympic Committee. Representing Ukraine was Bogdan Mykhalus, the president of the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation.

The conference weekend kicked off with the convening of the Europe Triathlon Board, setting the stage for strategic endeavors and cooperative efforts pertaining to the year 2024. The main day of the conference featured a concise yet enriching program, covering various topics such as financial matters, developmental strategies, initiatives in paratriathlon, marketing endeavors, and governance protocols. Attendees also had the privilege of witnessing illuminating presentations from the Local Organizing Committees overseeing the premier championships of the current year, building excitement for the upcoming season and beyond.